Amazon in India launches a ‘Silent Delivery station for the Deaf!

They say the third world countries have been a lot more slower in recognising individuals with learning difficulties, especially Deafness. Today we have seen differently in a less developed country like India.

Amazon is a large worldwide company that offers delivery services for endless items. Very recently Amazon has introduced a ‘Silent Delivery station’ which is going to be entirely managed by Deaf associates in order to create more job opportunities for the Deaf. The station has trained the Deaf associates to deliver packages by bus or on foot in a radius of 2-3km. They have also been given proper sign language training for this!

The one thing that stood out and really attracted me to this news is what Akhil Saxena, vice president of Amazon India had to say, ‘Our vision is to create opportunities for individuals to realise their potential and transform their lives…’

Saxena believes that they can effectively use their resources and infrastructure of new ideas and technology to enable widespread diversity within the Deaf community and hep them succeed to their highest potential.

The whole idea of launching this station was so that the employment industry in a place like India can see how Deaf people deserve the same opportunities as the Hearing and are presented with the same advantages that will help them improve their livelihood.

It made us very happy as a company trying to give the same opportunities to Deaf people in the UK to see that other countries, especially ones like India, where this problem is seen as a very taboo subject in most areas even today, are giving the Deaf the chance they deserve in employment and the chance to make their lives better by working and earning money through their own hard work and not having to rely fully on benefits.

This is definitely something that Amazon should think to expand in to the UK and different parts of the world so that Deaf people can easily work in different areas of the company which can enhance their potential and boost their self confidence.

We urge Amazon to work on this as soon as possible and at the same time congratulate them on the innovative idea and implementation of this amazingĀ  silent delivery station that they have set up! Well done Amazon!