Onur Kerey, our famous Uber driver!

Let’s start with a bit of background before we get to the present. Onur Kerey is a very sweet boy who contacted Lingoing a while back when he heard of our services through friends. Working as a Uber driver attracted him to us and that is when he started the whole process!

‘Hi i’m Onur welcome to my Uber 🙂 I’m Deaf so if you need to tell me something, please text me or when we’ve stopped you can write it in the notepad to show me.

You can use the AUX cable to play your own music- if you have anything with a strong bass I will enjoy it too. Thanks for bearing with me & have a great day 🙂 ‘

The message that Onur has in his car from the time he started driving! A passenger came across this and in minutes it went viral on social media!

Onur’s journey with us has been magnficient and to see him reach such heights in such little time has been an honour for our company.

SeeHear reached out to Onur and asked him if he would share his experience as an Uber driver, and of course Onur said yes!

The SeeHear team came to Lingoing and along with Onur we filmed a whole segment with their talented production crew. Onur was filmed in his element doing what he does best, driving as an Uber driver! Onur loved being the centre of attention and showing the world that Deafness has no barriers if you work hard enough to get rid of them.

If you work hard enough and get the right support, Onur with Lingoing behind him all the way have been a force to be reckoned with and have given him the support to go through the process of getting to where he is today and it has truly been a proud moment for us to see him being recognised. This would not have been possible without his determination  to achieve his dreams!

Deafness has always been a very taboo subject and in some places is still that, but we as a company are doing our best to overcome this and show people that Deafness is not a barrier and that Deaf people can achieve just as much as the next Hearing person.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you CAN’T do anything, because nothing is impossible. Onur has shown us that a little bit of hard work and an excellent support system can make anything possible.


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