Deaf and Mute man chained up for 10 years by his mother!

The story of Zhiqiang and his mother is the reason why it is so important to understand and treat Deaf/mute people equal to as you would a hearing person.

As a young Deaf person it is essential for parents to give the child extra support and attention at the time when a child is growing and learning to develop their own independence. This process prepares the child for the things coming in the future and creates a certain learning curve that enables the child to develop further.

Zhiqiang’s mother put him into a special needs school and after some time on his return he had mental problems which caused him to be aggressive towards other people and his mother felt he couldn’t go to school and instead chained him up and locked him in a room where he was not treated any less than an animal.

This whole situation in some ways is not of any fault of the mother Yue Rong and the family but merely comes down to lack of education, lack of awareness of the way the Deaf world works. There is a serious lack of simple compassion and a lot of frustration due to lack of resources that the government should be providing for people like Zhiqiang.

We all need to understand that being Deaf is not a disease or an illness that needs to be cured. Deaf people can do the same things a normal hearing person can and it hurts us to see how people in other countries are being treated just because they can’t be understood.

We as a company at Lingoing are trying to help change that concept and give Deaf people the opportunities that they deserve by opening up avenues in which Deaf people can become more independent and work in professions that they have the qualifications and skills for. We are working hard to provide the highest level of interpreting help that is needed for the communication needs that they require.

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