Communication is spreading like wildfire!

There was a time when Deaf people were hard to understand. The society was very less tolerant in who and what they could and would accept. Today is a whole different world.

Worldly affairs and political crisis in certain countries have deprived Deaf children of the simple education and communication skills that they deserve. Communication between the hearing and Deaf generally all over the world for the Deaf was once a taboo, but not anymore.

In Syria a 15 year old brother and 7 year old sister fled violence and had to be moved to Turkey and then final destination, the United States. This upheaval meant that they did not receive the education and opportunity to learn a complete language, but after moving to the United states and being in a school with other Deaf children and seeing more children like themselves being accepted and happy, these children have become entirely different individuals. They have rapidly learnt how to sign, maybe not amazingly well yet, but enough to make others understand them and express their feelings and emotions, something that they had NEVER been able to do with their own family even.

In today’s day and age it is almost impossible to believe that a Deaf child has lived around 14-15 years without ANY form of communication, almost so saddening that it makes me shudder and bring a tear to my eye.

I agree that in some parts of the world Deafness is still shunned, kept very quiet and seen as a disability that is so severe that children and adults are almost kept locked away. This isn’t because that’s what it is, a contagious illness of some sort, but because in those parts of the world the society is still to be educated.

Deafness is something to be proud of and the society we live in today to some extent takes pride in their Deaf identity. Even though ‘communication is spreading like wildfire’, we have a long way yet to go in order for us to achieve total equality.

Lingoing is constantly thinking of innovative ideas to achieve this!

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