As part of the team at Lingoing, I wanted to share something with you guys today!

My role at Lingoing is the Business Developer and I absolutely love working with our team!

As a child I have grown up with a deaf sibling and so developing an education about the Deaf world was known to me, it was something that came naturally to us as a family. When we were talking as a family or watching TV it was essential that we spoke using sign language or made sure the subtitles were on all the time.  ‘Spoke using sign language’, it sounds weird right? But that wasn’t and isn’t weird for those who are aware of the communication barriers between the Deaf and hearing.

Around 30 odd years ago people were a lot less educated about the Deaf and what their needs and wants were. Deaf people were almost hid away because it was seen as a disability that hindered living a normal life. My parents along with other parents in the group at that time had a big hand in getting Deaf children the rights that they were entitled to just as the hearing children were.

I came across a video today with the hashtag #nomorevoicing and I wanted to know more. The video explained how everything should have captions and this hashtag has been created to make this concept stand out and show the world that they need to adapt this to every video, TV program, etc.

I grew up with subtitles and its become a part of my life, I as a hearing person physically can not watch and understand a program clearly if I don’t have the captions/subtitles turned on, and its not something to be embarrassed about, I feel proud!

Today I don’t see Deafness as a disability, yes maybe it is classed as a  disability in medical terms, but not in today’s society. Deafness is an identity, just as every person from a different religion has a different identity.  Its a sense of pride, and every Deaf person takes pride in who they are in today’s society.

We at Lingoing believe there should not be any barriers and we are working towards eliminating this. Help us to help the hearing and the Deaf community scream out to the world that ‘Whether we are Hearing or Deaf, we are proud!’

#Lingoing #getridofthebarriers #nomorevoicing #Deafpride #Deaflove

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