Deaf cricket team to tour Sri Lanka

Studies from the World Health Organization and the World Federation of the Deaf report that there are between 70 million and 200 million Deaf people in the world who do not have access to education– people who often times never learn to read, write, sign or otherwise communicate.  In developing countries, at least 90% of deaf people do not go to school.

Recently news has shown that the Deaf cricket team is to tour Sri Lanka from November 19th to play two ODIs and  and three T20 matches in Columbo. The training camp will start on the 9th November for 10 days and then a team will be determined according to their performances during the camp.


We here at Lingoing think it is absolutely amazing that the Pakistan Deaf Cricket Association (PDCA) alongside the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) have extended so much help in getting these players to a platform where they deserve to be recognised and appreciated. We hope that this can only become bigger and better in the future not for just cricket but for every sport and activity that is nationally and internationally recognised!

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