‘World class’ new Deaf Academy plans approved

New beginnings for the Deaf community all around as it seems recently. Plans to convert former Rolle college, Exmouth, into Exeters Deaf academy were being talked about and as of yesterday 1st November 2017 have been approved to go ahead!

It is always important to make sure the basic platform a child begins his/her education on is secure, in order for them to secure their future. As parents, teachers, guardians, we have always hoped that a child receives the best care in terms of education and social care, especially when they are deaf and are not open to a lot of opportunities that the hearing world has. This Deaf Academy seems to be the perfect set up to do just that!

This academy will open up exciting new opportunities in education and care services for the young deaf people and families. The proposal will provide a school for approximately 100 children and young people between seven and 25 years of age. Of the 100 pupils, up to 50 could be boarding, and the boarding accommodation will be provided by three-storey new town houses.

We will be sure to keep following this story as although this is an excellent start for the deaf community, there hasn’t been a lot of details disclosed of what will follow and it would be interesting to see what new developments will be coming along the way!

It all comes down to building a platform for the Deaf and here at Lingoing we are doing just that. It makes us proud to see we aren’t the only ones and there are so many people out there making sure that the Deaf soar the world with their excellence just as the hearing are!

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