Should pupils have to learn sign language?

We always have and most probably will at least come across a deaf or hard of hearing person in our lives. This maybe at the work place, at the grocery store, a passerby, or even at our own school or college. How amazing would it be if we were able to easily communicate with that individual without having to feel shy or frustrated that they can’t understand us and vice versa.


BBC recently made the public aware of an online petition that was set up by a man named Wayne Barrow who grew up with deaf parents and feels that life wouldn’t be the same without learning BSL and it is so important for the world to be deaf aware in order for both deaf and hearing individuals to achieve equal goals and have equal opportunities on everything. Blanche Neville School in North London has collaborated with Highgate Primary school to break down barriers and make new friends through BSL.

Although BSL is a language that has been recognised in its own right 14 years ago, it is not yet included in the national curriculum in England. Both deaf and hearing children have both agreed life would be pretty boring and lonely if they didn’t know how to communicate with each other!

The main aim of this petition was to break barriers, and here at Lingoing we aim to do the same! So go ahead and support us to support Wayne Barrow in achieving what he has set out to do and make life that little bit easier for the Deaf community!

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