Plans to integrate sign language into everyday life!

Hi everyone!
We came across some amazing news this week for the Deaf community in Scotland!
Many of you may have seen on the news how the Scottish government has recently announced plans to integrate the use of BSL in everyday life. This is a huge step the government has taken in making sure the deaf community is fully heard. Although the measures are being implemented in only certain sectors for the moment, nonetheless its a step in the right direction!
At Lingoing we fully support this move and hope that this plan is implemented soon in our neck of the woods too!
Check out the full article through this link:

How technology is uniting and connecting the d/Deaf community

Here’s how Lingoing are using digital innovation to give the d/Deaf community a voice.

Digital technology has revolutionised the way we communicate; it has made it easier and quicker than ever before. But, because it’s now a way of life, we often take this for granted.

For some communities, like those who are d/Deaf, communication is a daily challenge and affects almost every aspect of their lives. For them, technology is not something to be undervalued. For them, it is a lifeline.

Throughout this article we’ll be using d/Deaf. The lower-case d refers to deaf people who identify themselves by their inability to hear. A capital D refers to deaf people who are culturally immersed in the deaf community, language and more. They no longer see themselves as deaf but as Deaf, redefined by their ‘disability’, and feeling part of a culture that sits within the hearing world and is a community united by shared experience.  READ MORE AND WATCH THE FULL VIDEO HERE…