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Please explain your job role:

My role at Lingoing is bookkeeping assistant, supervisor for the booking coordinator, and user experience champion for web development. It has been my greatest challenge but best experience so far. Sara is a great booking coordinator and a great communicator, I have the pleasure of her working with me and also she is very fast in learning British Sign Language. I am very proud of her joining her BSL level 1 course and supporting her voice off days in the office! I enjoy working with Liz, it’s been a great experience and she has taught me how the finance accounting works. We are a great team and we always enjoy solving problems and resolving issues using our new integrated systems on the Lingoing platform.

My team is great and I learn a lot from their roles and it always helps me improve my own skills. Two very special team members are Liz and Sara! Both are great because they made a decision to start learning British Sign Language. Well done to Liz and Sara!

Why Lingoing?

My last job I worked part time, then I met Sadaqat and Saduf. Saduf explained the concept behind Lingoing, I liked it and I gave her some tips. She told Sadaqat, who then wanted to offer me a job but first they needed to give me a trial period to test my skills. I passed it with flying colours!! and they offered me the job to work with them and I have really enjoyed being part of their company, the growth and the fast changing pace. My previous manager offered me the same role of booking coordinator but it was not challenging enough, so I changed jobs and although it is the same role, I realised it involves a lot of things and personally I had to learn to be patient.  I really enjoy it and although I have a lot of pressure, I rise to the challenge and I am pleased Sara joined us so we can support each other. I start a new challenge with my other role of booking assistant, I really enjoy working with Lingoing they are such a great team!

What do you do outside of work?

I am an easygoing person with a good sense of humour who is honest and punctual, these qualities help me with my freelance work of Designer and I still manage to work with my customers in the evenings. I spend most of my time with my family and I enjoy going out with good friends. I miss my best friend as he lives far away from London! I cannot see him, he’s on the other side of the world, in Australia. I have known him since we were 3 years old upto now. I enjoy driving every min and flying off to somewhere around the world, I dream of traveling around the USA and Australia. I would like to go to Los Angeles again! I really enjoy experiencing various cultures in different countries. My best experience was in Asia and I want to go there again some day. I am very passionate about cars and one day hope to own a 911 Porsche!  I always watch football on TV, I am a Manchester United fan!

What is your favourite film?

I cannot live without watching movies! My best movie has to be ‘Seven’, this film is the best one I have ever seen in my life. The three actors are great! I enjoy watching any movie on my surround sound system! It’s great because I get to hear the loud sounds and feel the vibrations! I can’t think of any good movie, Oh yeah I always watch marvel films any of those movies like Hulk, Iron Man, I enjoy watching these movies too.

What is the worst food you’ve ever eaten?

I know everyone has been waiting to hear my worst food! I will never forget, it was the worst food I have eaten! It was only a few years ago, my brother in-law was cooking at my mother’s house. He called me into the kitchen and then asked me if I wanted to taste something great? I said yes and I ate what he gave me, it tasted nice I thought! Then I saw my two sisters laughing! He asked me if I like the taste, like chicken right?  I said yeah, like chicken! Then he told me that it was cow’s testicles!! WHAT!!?? That’s the worst food I have ever eaten!! I will never forget that! I am trying to think of anything else I have eaten that comes close to that but nothing so far! I can’t believe I ate that, one of the worst experiences of my life!

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