We work at WeWork! The new chapter.

It’s already been over a week since we’ve migrated from the Ministry of Startups to WeWork Spitalfields.

On 1st October we cleared out our desk at the Ministry and moved our stuff just round the corner to our brand new office.

Bye Bye Ministry of Startups!

The Move to WeWork

We were quite emotional about leaving the Ministry (we miss you Ben!) and on our last day we went out for our leaving drinks with our ex-landlord, Ben. We met at Ben’s PopUp Patio at Finsbury Square. Ben treated us with organic coke, lemonade and ginger beer made in Dalston and he taught us to play bowls, which was great fun (yay!). We will definitely visit PopUp Patio regularly and we encourage you to do the same!


It is so true that the end is a new beginning. We have fallen in love with WeWork from day 1. The view from the ninth floor is breathtaking, the staff is really friendly and helpful, the people working here are amazing and we are already meeting a great network of similarly focused minds.

The new chapter of Lingoing has officially opened!

The View

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