Meet Sara – Office Admin and Booking Coordinator

Full Name: Sara Komaiszko

Job Title: Office Admin and Booking Coordinator

1) Please explain your job role:

I have many faces at Lingoing. My main role is booking coordination so I am the first person of contact for our clients and suppliers and together with my great colleague Ovais we make sure we match the best interpreters with most suitable jobs.

I am also an office administrator, which means I help everyone with whatever needs to be done on a daily basis. From business research, filling out grant applications, helping the worlds finest finance team with invoicing, arranging meetings for my super busy directors or watching cute dog videos on Youtube with our in-house rocking interpreters, I am there for them!

What I enjoy the most is to get involved in the company’s social media. I like to see how the whole team is engaging in creative ideas and I am very hopeful for our new website and promo video. I am excited to be a part of the vision!

On my daily routine I have my hands full with lots of tasks and I am grateful for new challenges everyday as they make me grow.

2) Why Lingoing?

Although I haven’t really expected I would ever join the deaf and signing community in London, I am really glad it’s happened. It has always been crucial for me to have a meaningful job and Lingoing is a startup that wants to make a difference in the community. I joined the company three months ago and already I have started my BSL Level 1 course, which is such super cool and fascinating language. I am very much inspired by the founders Saduf and Sad and I admire their style of work. It is amazing how they are able to motivate the whole team to put their minds and hearts into the work. It is such a vibrant, creative and focused environment and most importantly, it feels like everyone at Lingoing are not colleagues but friends.

3) What do you do outside of work?

I always keep myself busy, either volunteering at the human rights festival, training in self-defence or meditation. In my free time I travel and try new things like bungee jumping or air riffle shooting. I love stargazing with my boyfriend and we recently enjoyed the lunar eclipse. My most favourite things in the world are British bacon and Polish beer.

4) What is your favourite film?

In my dreams I am a secret agent therefore I love a good spy movie. I am looking forward to the new James Bond flick coming soon!

5) What is the worst food you’ve ever eaten?

I remember my first holidays in Italy with my mother, when I was 12 and we had some seafood in Venice. I had a bite of a small and cold octopus’s head and that was enough for me. It tasted as horrible as you could imagine. Wait for Ovais’s worst food though!

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