5 Communication Tips For Lipreading Awareness Week

Huge Lipreading Awareness Week celebration is going on at Lingoing’s office. We started from innocent lipreading jokes (what did I say? I Love You? Or… Elephant Poo???) and continued with encouraging our friends to shave off their moustaches. We actually realised that in general people do not know much about lipreading. Therefore we put together these 5 little tips for lipreading newbies and provoke the #ReadMyLips Challenge!

1. Look at the person and make eye contact. It is crucial to ensure that the person knows you’re talking to them.

2. Dooooon’t slooooow dooooown and dontspeedup when talking – it doesn’t make it easier to understand.

3. Don’t overpronounce – seriously, you don’t need to stretch your lips and facial muscles to unnatural grimaces. Doesn’t it hurt?

4. Speak normal. Just like you do. As simple as it sounds.

5. Shave off your moustache! 🙂 (or at least, make it tidy). A little bit too much of facial hair covering your lips makes it all more difficult to lipread.

For Lipreading Awareness Week we encourage all whiskered ones to keep their moustaches neat and trimmed. And the true Lipreading Awareness Heroes will shave their moustaches off! (…Just about the right time to do it now and grow it back in full glory for Movember…)

Join our #Tashtastic Gallery! Take a selfie with your funky moustache and:

post it on our Facebook wall (https://www.facebook.com/lingoingltd),

Tweet it to us: (https://twitter.com/lingoingltd)

Or share it with us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/lingoingcom

If you feel adventurous and want to go the whole hog –

#StashYourTash now and show us your ‘before’ and ‘after’ selfie!

Whatever you do, don’t forget to hashtag it: #ReadMyLips !

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