Lingoing Team – Liz Hood – Finance Manager

Liz 3

Full Name: Liz Hood

Job Title: Finance Manager

1) Please explain your job role:

As Finance manager, I am responsible for the accounting functions, cash flows, budgets and paying the salaries!!!

I develop relationships with the deaf clients, businesses and language service professionals so that the audit trails are transparent, seamless, and efficient. I make sure the money gets to the right people for the right work so its busy busy busy!

2) Why Lingoing?

Communicating is integral to life and as my mum was very hard of hearing, I value the importance of making every voice heard. Learning sign language is great fun, most interesting and a challenge. Working towards building a network of positive connections between interpreters and Deaf people is really exciting, and seeing the results and success of those relationships is even more satisfying.

3) What do you do outside work?

I love family, walking, reading and travelling… that order. As my sons are adults and have flown the nest, my husband, Stewart, and I take our Jack Russell, Murphy walking to parks all around London. We enjoy the beautiful open spaces in every season. Murphy has some smart coats for the cold days.

Planning holidays is fun and my recent holiday to Canada was better than that! I was lucky enough to enjoy a fabulous week in Canada enjoying lots of cowboy fun with Stewart, my sons and daughter in-law, brothers and sister in-law. All my” favourites” wrapped into one holiday!

4) What is your favourite film?

My fair lady! I have very happy memories of watching that film as a child with my sister. We loved the glamour and the music! We still love watching it together and singing along… for all these years.

5) What is the worst thing you have ever eaten?

I love good food , and enjoy sharing food on any occasion. I try to eat the healthy options as a rule, but my weakness is cream tea and yummy freshly baked cakes .

It is hard to think of the worst food I have ever eaten but Haggis is probably not a favourite. As I married a Scot, it is compulsory once a year and I do enjoy all the other celebrations of Burns night!

Don’t worry though as Ovais has a great “worst food” experience which he will share in his blog!

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