Team Lingoing – Saduf – Chief Operating Officer

Meet the First Lady of Lingoing!

Saduf Naqvi

Full name: Saduf Naqvi

Job Title: Chief Operating Officer (COO)

1) Please explain your role at Lingoing:

My job as a COO involves looking after the daily operations of the company, looking at process, metrics and reporting to the CEO and board. However… my role is evolving 😀 I am taking over from Joe as he moves onto new adventures (you shall be missed Joe!) and I will be heading product development. It will involve meeting and speaking with lots of people, informing product build and supporting our growing community.

2) Why Lingoing?

Working with and for the signing community is amazing, not only is it a privilege to be able to understand and communicate in one of the coolest and most beautiful languages in the world, I never stop growing and learning as a person. I have had some of my most memorable experiences with what we call the Deaf family (we define this as a network of people from various backgrounds and walks of life connected by sign language), and I look forward to contributing in a meaningful and lasting way that will support access and change for the better.

3) What do you do outside of work?

I love poetry, photography, good food and good company, movies and time with my daughter (fabulous little person who currently has 6 teeth, loves blue berries and blowing raspberries).

4) What is your favourite film?

Too many! To help narrow it down to my top three:

Fried Green Tomatoes at Whistle Stop Café, The Green Mile, and Good Fellas –I love a good story!

5) Last but not least…What is the worst thing you have ever eaten?

Most recently a friend of mine was leaving town and we decided to catch a meal, on the menu was lamb shank with a side helping of lamb brain… it was like a weird version of scrambled egg (shudders!) not for me, but my friend loved it! Have to agree with Joe (wait for Ovais’s worst food! Dude you shouldn’t have told us (shudders again!)!)

That’s all from Saduf – tune in next week to read all about the Lingoing founder Sadaqat!

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